Self Truth Manifesto: First draft

Rejoice in choice. (Witnesses and encourage the free will of you and me. You pick for you. I for me.)

Now is how (The present minute is useful. Use it.)

Words observe something, not everything. (Each of us is made of infinite creativity and derivation; boldness and shyness; leadership and delegation.)

Hearts for all parts. (Name the good in problems. Spot disadvantages in goals.)

Good wins over sins. (The unchangable, personal, and widespread good is important.)

Count the causes. (There’s more than one. Some help our choices.)

To compare is unfair. (I only know of you what you let me see.)

Keep track of yourself (Write down how you’re doing. Patterns help know what to try next.)

An attempted idea is the best idea. (The worst things don’t often happen. Even wishes and luck often take work.)

Self Truth Manifesto: First draft

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