Productivity Manifesto

Since my blog and podcast ( are about creative productivity, writing a productivity manifesto felt right. Here’s my latest draft:

1. Make any choice.
2. Challenge yourself. Don’t compare.
3. Take steps and find out.
4. Start small. Begin anywhere.
5. Reframe. Make it a game.
6. Spill milk. Bounce back.
7. Be average. Good enough is enough.
8. Lay eggs in lots of baskets.

As much as I enjoy the ideas of philosophy, it’s the antithesis of productivity. The greatest philosophers of all time have debated ideology, politics, and ideas.

If you actually want to work on a problem, make attempts. See the results. Adjust your strategy. Do what works. Stop doing what doesn’t.

Being “ready” also doesn’t factor when it comes to productivity. Instead, I’d rather actively move ahead. Waiting for a random state of readiness isn’t an action. I also generally don’t like the feeling of waiting. Replace that with a choice to enjoy a calm mindful moment.

Derived from the Italian word manifesto which comes from the Latin manifestum “meaning clear or conspicuous”. So the point of a manifesto is to state views clearly.

Productivity Manifesto

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