One word goal, Age 35: Process

For my 35th year, my one-word goal is “Process”. I thought about ideas of acceptance, methods, planning, spontaneousness, and truth.

“Process” has a cool and useful double meaning:

(1) Accept facts and reality. In every moment there are infinite truths. You could spend the rest of your life describing every detail of a single object, a single moment, and a single memory if you wanted to. What moments are we giving our attention? What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking notice and interest in the places we are. The things we do have hidden good and bad qualities. If we become conscious of them, change and self-acceptance happen naturally.

(2) The steps involved. Anything difficult can be quickly broken down to ridiculously simple steps. Think of classical piano where you really start just knowing one note. As a microcosm for life, classical piano practice often means going so insanely slow that it would be just as hard to make a mistake as it would be to play the right notes

My one-word goal of “Balance” at age 34 helped me make hard things very easy. The habit noticing extremism, perfectionism, and excess in the world gets me to enjoy the gray areas of life. The one question of balance I love: “How can I do both?” We often place beliefs and ideals as if only one can be “right.” The truth is that all of our beliefs exist in the world simultaneously and we have to learn to live with it.

One word goal, Age 35: Process

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