On Human Interaction

Try looking out of this when you’re watching tv, movies, or when reading Facebook for entertainment purposes.

The Karpman Drama Triangle is an social pattern within natural character conflict in interactions. Karpman was interested in acting. So he thought of the ways we act in dysfunctional roles in real life:

The “Victim”. A helpless, martyr-like, and indecisive stance. A A victim is freed once they test the limits of control in some situations and act. Focus on being involved with realistic positive outcomes.

The “Rescuer”. An enabling view feels guilty if not helping others. A rescuer is better off showing caring. Allow others to take responsibility for themselves and coach others to find the steps toward that help on own issues.

The “Persecutor”. Assigns blame on others.
A persecutor is best when sharing what they want in a positive way. Rather than persecution, they can encourage others to voice their needs equally. Rather than assuming oneself as an authority, consider all the factors involved including ones own involvement.

Each of these stances tells a blameless and heroic self-story. The healthiest social goal is interdependence – not quite anxiously dependent on others and not avoidantly independent.

On Human Interaction

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