On Being Asian

“What does our dignity matter, what do our feelings amount to, when we could embarrass white people we care about?” (Why do my co-workers keep confusing me with other people? Because I’m Asian.)

Is it terrible that my first reaction is often “If I’m going down, I’m bringing you all down with me!!” I prefer sincere conversation. So if someone wants to talk Asian to me, I’m perfectly cool with asking why they brought up the topic very specifically to me.

“Wow you know a lot about the Philippines.” “Yep that’s totally what we’re like.” “You’re right, Olivia Munn looks just like me.” “Nope that’s not me. That definitely was not me.” “Oh please, tell me more about the other Asian dudes you’ve dated. How Asian were they? Wow that’s very Asian”

(if this goes far enough, certain people enjoy accusing me of “making it about race”. Oh because that’s not what it was about before? Haha ? )

Just sit back and enjoy the weird parts of the conversation. >=)

On Being Asian

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