The Net Neutrality Problem

Net Neutrality means that your Internet provider treats content equally. “Open Internet”: We’re connected regardless of what network you’re using.

The internet is like a highway where no priority is set based on data type, source, or content.

Soon, Verizon and Comcast may have a say they on love your favorite (or least favorite) content provider[’s money]. Not encouraging for small business, independent contractors, telecommuters, and startups.

The FCC’s Open Internet Order – adopted in February 2015 – prevented this from happening. At the time our newly appointed FCC chairman Ajit Pat wrote a 67-page paper objecting to those limits placed on service providers.

In most markets, there’s little competition for broadband. Many providers are also content companies who will soon be enabled to directly prioritize their own content.

Be prepared to live with whatever form internet access takes in the United States going forward.

“In the space of two years, Verizon’s acquired AOL and Yahoo. Both companies deliver content that could compete with websites, media companies, and cable networks that remain unaffiliated with broadband companies.” Lance Ulanoff

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The Net Neutrality Problem

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