On Letting Go: Parable of the Two Monks and a Lady

Two monks were voyaging together. At a certain point, they happened on a stream with a solid current. As the monks were getting ready to cross the waterway, they saw a very youthful and charming lady likewise aiming to cross. The young lady asked whether they could help her cross to the opposite side.

The two monks looked at each other in light of the fact that they vowed not to touch a lady.

Without a word, the more seasoned monk lifted the lady, carried her over the waterway, set her tenderly on the opposite side, and continued on his 

The more youthful monk couldn’t accept what happened. After rejoining his sidekick, he felt puzzled. An hour passed without a word.

Two more hours passed. At last the more youthful monk could not restrain himself. He exclaimed “As monks, we are not allowed to touch a lady. How could you allow yourself to carry that lady on your shoulders?”

The more seasoned monk answered calmly, “I set her down three hours ago. Why are you carrying her now?”

The first value on my Happiness Manifesto: If all else fails, let go a little. Or a lot.

On Letting Go: Parable of the Two Monks and a Lady

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