Kindness Manifesto

TL:DR – Respect, Thoughtfulness, Action

Half way through 10 days of meditation on Kindness. Decided to jot down a Kindness Manifesto. Here’s the current draft of a public declaration of intentions and values about Kindness:

  1. Act generously in spirit. No one has it all figured out.
  2. “Nice” is different from good. We’re born good. (Babies act very rude tho!)
  3. Soft heart + Hard Limits. Kindness isn’t a weakness. Know its strength.
  4. Act thoughtfully. Consider others and yourself.
  5. Respect the human experience. Value all beings and yourself for what they are.
  6. Embrace benevolent honesty. Insincerity and cruel truth help less often than you think.
  7. Decide with courage. Character inspires confidence in each other.
  8. Connect. We learn more from each other when we feel safe.
  9. Display your values. Especially when it’s inconvenient.
  10. Make mistakes. Feelings and situations can’t be perfect. Fail with admiration of your abilities
  11. Show appreciation.You think and feel it. Might as well show that you notice.
  12. Find playfulness in internal integrity. External reputation is less fun without it.

See also my Happiness Manifesto

Kindness Manifesto

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