John Hodgman on Consent-Based Relationships

Believe in the life-shaping power of honest, respectful, consent-based relationships.

“On a gut level, I just feel like you need to let your own truth be enough. Which is not to say ‘I’m sorry I can’t attend because you are boring to me.’ You do not need to go out of your way to be hurtful to people. Nor do you need to deceive. Every time you deceive I think you do a little damage to your soul. So let your own truth be good enough. Say ‘I’m sorry, I will not be able to attend.’ And then offer no further explanation. You also have the right to decide how to spend your time. Evenings of dinners that are not for you shouldn’t be an obligation just because someone had the idea to do it.” John Hodgman

Listen to the full podcast: Judge John Hodgman Episode 317: Deep in the Misanthropy Hole | Maximum Fun

John Hodgman on Consent-Based Relationships

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