How to Escape the Comfort Zone: Uncanny Creativity Podcast

Making art often means getting out of the comfort zone. Alan Henry of Lifehacker explains the science of breaking out of your comfort zone: Routine and patterns minimize risk. Making something scares us. Creating something inherently feels risky.

New episode of my creative productivity podcast!

Maybe I’m crazy, I’ve long been inspired by this scene in the tv show Felicity:

Jennifer Garner (Hannah) works on writing a new piano piece. She can’t figure out the ending. Jennifer Garner’s now real life ex-husband Scott Foley (Noel) tells her to stick with what she has. When all else fails, do what you know. Jennifer Garner quickly realizes that she can rework the very beginning into an ending.

Funny, a lot of research about getting out of the comfort zone involves getting back into it.  It turns out that risk takers need soothing routines and rituals.

A good thing to note. When you’re up to new adventures include some of your standard comforts. Warm up. There’s the ritual of getting art supplies together. Something feels childlike about that. I start a warm up of meaningless doodles whenever I open my sketchbook. From there I work through on random pages each of which notes the date.

Listen to the episode: Escape the Comfort Zone: Uncanny Creativity 41 – Uncanny Creativity

How to Escape the Comfort Zone: Uncanny Creativity Podcast

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