Joyful discoveries, and anything that brings a smile. The little things in life often go unnoticed while making a big impact on our happiness. From heartwarming stories, inspiring videos, and amusing anecdotes.

  • 20 years of adulthood. 20 years as a graphic designer. 20 years. ~7,300 sun rises and sets. Time passes. It won’t wait for you. Time feels no concern about whether you’re ready, willing, able, competent, foolish, or prepared. Take every moment for what it is: Experience. We each get to have our own unique experience. […]

  • “Upholders value self-command and performance. Questioners value justification and purpose. Obligers value teamwork and duty. Rebels value freedom and self-identity.” Gretchen Rubin, The Four Tendencies “The happiest, healthiest, most productive people aren’t those from a particular Tendency, but rather they’re the people who have figured out how to harness the strengths of their Tendency, counteract […]

  • Since my blog and podcast (uncannycreativity.com) are about creative productivity, writing a productivity manifesto felt right. Here’s my latest draft: 1. Make any choice. 2. Challenge yourself. Don’t compare. 3. Take steps and find out. 4. Start small. Begin anywhere. 5. Reframe. Make it a game. 6. Spill milk. Bounce back. 7. Be average. Good […]

  • I’ve written my Happiness Manifesto inspired by Gretchen Rubin. A manifesto is a public declaration of intentions and values. Newly revised version: If all else fails, let go a little. Or a lot. Don’t sweat small stuff (It’s all small stuff) Different people like different things. Effort over outcomes. Show up. Events involve pieces beyond us. […]

  • I’ve made it a goal to notice positive things. And say them out loud. Give compliments to myself and to others. And notice how many people go out of their way to do it. Just like the guy Marie Forleo mentions in her video on Positive attitudes. The maxim “Say good things out loud” on […]