Email: The most reliable way to reach readers

“I learned a real profound lesson with the Inside news app. “You can get 500,000 people to download an app, but only 1 percent or less will use it a day. And then I realized, I took the same information that was in the app, I emailed it to the same audience and 40, 50, 60 percent opened it every day.” Jason Calacanis

Facebook isn’t email. Most people don’t even see your posts. The FB algorithm shows only what they think will keep you on FB. All of your friends are hidden.

On the user end, email is super easy to control. You own it. Most email programs make it easy for users to sort email automatically, search, and surface content when you want it.

Listen to the podcast: Journalists should use email more — and Google and Facebook less — to reach readers – Recode

Email: The most reliable way to reach readers

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