Artists Are Tired Of Being Asked To Work For Free

Sure I can show you how I design. I drew for years as a child. Worked as a designer the moment I turned 18, while also studying Fine Art (and classical piano).

I learned to love studying computer programs and reading books on design and productivity. Slowly putting that knowledge to use every day. Spent the last 17 years learning techniques from many amazing colleagues.

It’s like any other skill. One step at a time. Building slowly over the years. When you’re doing something every day, you’ll start seeing the patterns and shortcuts.

That said when others (even clients) are excited to tackle a design project I encourage them to do so. If they can stick with it and do it themselves, good for them! Many times they’ll be back with a new found appreciation

“@forexposure_txt is a Twitter account dedicated to compiling quotes from artists who were expected to work for free”

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Artists Are Tired Of Being Asked To Work For Free

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